Photography By Aparna | Juxtaposing.New York City.And.Glencoe

Juxtaposing.New York City.And.Glencoe

May 13, 2016  •  1 Comment
Last weekend I had a couple of hours in New York City. I was too tired to really focus on photographing but I had my camera and it was a nice sunny day so I did take some pictures ( a few of them from my cab window!). Back home, Glencoe was looking beautiful, with the mist and the trees now in full bloom. 
As I looked at both the sets of photographs I just had to mix them up. So because it is a Friday and because, not everything has to have a real reason - here is a bit of New York and spring in Glencoe for you.


What an interplay of colors and black and white; magnificent high rises and nature in all its splendor .. amazing pictures Aparna !
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