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August 14, 2014  •  1 Comment

A and her family were making a short (so she claims) move to warm, sunny Singapore, and wanted to squeeze in a session between the packing and moving and logistical planning. We at last managed to meet - on the very last day in Evanston, less than 24 hours before their flight! There are so many places in this town that become such a part of your daily life - how do we document it all? So we pick few of our favorites. The lake front, our home, the park where the kids loved to play, the friend's coffee shop..

Why is that a preschool and its premises become such a fond place for both the parent and the child? Is it because that is where you watch your little toddler become a tiny human being :)

Our last stop - La Macchina! My personal favorite too for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine - love the ambience of that place!  

Wishing you a great stay in Singapore ( see how I make it sound temporary :)) and see you back in town soon! 


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Wonderful pictures of a beautiful family!
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