Photography By Aparna | A Big Fat India Wedding [ Chandigarh Wedding Photos ]

A Big Fat India Wedding [ Chandigarh Wedding Photos ]

July 08, 2013  •  3 Comments

This blog has been brewing in the bin for ever - a wedding in the family is more than just a day or two of coverage - it is a compilation of  stories and anecdotes  and moments from a week of celebrations - it is our great big, un-apologetically ostentatious, Indian wedding.

There are photographs that, on one hand, might not belong to a public post. But it is difficult to choose the ones that do, because in that case, from my perspective, a lot remains untold. The frenzy starts as soon as the engagement is announced, reaches new levels as the day approaches and, if you ask me, there is a month long post wedding hangover after that :) The house is decorated with flowers and lights; the whole neighborhood is part of the celebration and the air buzzes with excitement. This is when family and friends from far and near meet, problems are meant to be forgotten and issues brushed aside and you get together to welcome a new member to the family.

Here is the story of the North Indian wedding - with bits of the parts that make the whole - the mehendi ceremony, the haldi ceremony,  sangeet, the hours of preparation for the great dance-off (if you can call it that!) during the sangeet between the bride and the groom's family, and of course the day of the wedding. 

Marigolds in North Indian weddingSaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-1

North Indian weddingSaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-2 North Indian weddingSaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-3

North Indian wedding photographysaras_dishi_indian_wedding_photography_by_aparna-1

Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-8 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-6 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-7

North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-9

North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-11

North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-13

Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-15 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-16

Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-14 North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-17 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-18

Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-23 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-26 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-25 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-27

North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-28 North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-29

Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-30 North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-34

North Indian wedding photographysaras_dishi_indian_wedding_photography_by_aparna-3


North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-42 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-39 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-43

sd_wedding_india_photography-2 sd_wedding_india_photography-40

North Indian wedding photography sd_wedding_india_photography-46

Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-47 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-48

Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-51 North Indian wedding photographysaras_dishi_indian_wedding_photography_by_aparna-4 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-53 sd_wedding_india_photography-49 Saras_Dishi_India_Wedding-55 North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-56 North Indian wedding photographySaras_Dishi_India_Wedding-57


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Awesomeeeeeeeeee :* :(
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Amazing pics bhabhi!
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excellent ...every moment clicked had a theme of its own...a wedding story well potrayed through awesome shots...kudos...loved it...
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