Photography By Aparna | The person behind the camera

I live in Glencoe, a pretty suburb north of downtown Chicago with my absolutely camera shy husband, a daughter who loves it and a crazy not-so-little dog who is still trying to figure out the world.

​ I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, and life has given me plenty of chances to do so.  I love traveling and don't think I travel enough - I believe there are way too many places to see and I want to see them all! Every place I have been to or lived in has left its mark on who I am today. I have called many zipcodes all over the world my home, but for now Chicago with its long unending winters and brilliant summers is my mailing address.

It’s not the love of photography but photographs itself that drew me to this form of art. As a child growing up in India, I loved rummaging through my parents trove of old black and white pictures. To be transported to the day they got married, to the summer trips we took to Darjeeling as a family, to my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. Precious slices of time, captured forever.

My camera has made me more observant. I notice the fleeting glances, the smiles that warm your heart, loving fingers intertwining, the unseen tear. That is what my camera helps me do - freeze time. Whether it is your wedding day or a portrait session in your favorite park one summer evening, or a personal project, what makes me happiest is being able to do what those old photographs did – capture those special moments for a lifetime of beautiful memories