The proposal [Chicago Public Library Proposal Photos]

March 30, 2013  •  4 Comments

So the Chicago Library spoke about it and the Huffington Post did too, and the list promises to grow (yeee!!!). [ edit on a later forgotten date: &!!! ] When Jason had asked me to photograph his proposal I said I wont miss Molly's expression for anything in the world. And I am so glad I was, in someway, a part of this very sweet story.

Also a big thank you to Stuart in the Chicago Public Library for the last minute scrambling and rearranging of books so I could hide and take my photographs.

So a lot of us saw this picture making the rounds:

But this is what else happened...

Look at the well manicured nails! Jason you did plan the details :)

We spent a little time taking a few more pictures in the library, before I left the happy couple alone to figure out what they are going to have for lunch :-)

And my idea of a  "Molly expression"....Congratulations to the two of you!!






That is amazingly sweet! Every girls dream to find a prince charming and actually have him carry it out. Very few find it and then to have it captured. Beautiful, just beautiful!! Congrats to them.
Canadian wishes from our branch to yours!(non-registered)
Contgrats from all of us who work at the Toronto Public Library!
I love it - best wishes from Canada
Robyn Craig(non-registered) romantic and the photos are just gorgeous. Best story of the year!
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